The Independent Cadet Force is committed to providing a safe environment for young people and volunteers. The Independent Cadet Force recognises that trust is essential for good youth work and is the foundation for all relationships within our organisation. Maintaining confidences is an integral part of building trust between young people, volunteers and the organisation and will be respected at all times, apart from where it conflicts with reporting child protection concerns.

In addition, the Data Protection Act places an obligation on all organisations to implement the 8 guiding principles when obtaining, handling and storing personal information.

The Independent Cadet Force therefore states:

Young People

  • The Independent Cadet Force is committed to ensuring that young people are able to share information with youth workers in a confidential manner.
  • Young people can expect that any information they give to a worker is treated as sensitive and confidential and will not be shared UNLESS:
  • The worker believes that the young person, or another young person, is in danger or is being harmed. In this case the young person will be told that the information has to be shared with the appropriate agencies and encouraged to agree with this.
  • The young person discloses that they are involved, or plan to become involved in acts of terrorism. 


  • All workers at The Independent Cadet Force are expected to uphold the organisations commitment to confidentiality. This means that youth workers are expected to:
  • Keep records, files and documents stored in a safe and secure manner
  • Not discuss any information given by a young person in confidence, unless they have a child protection concern or the young person gives their permission
  • Tell a young person when information cannot be kept confidential (ie. a child protection concern)
  • Encourage a young person to talk to other people (e.g. parents or guardians) or professionals where they feel it would be in the young person’s interest
  • Workers can expect that the organisation will:
  • Provide them with a suitable means for storing confidential documents
  • Ensure that their own information (e.g. medical or emergency contact information, information contained in their PVG Scheme Record) is stored securely, is kept confidential and only seen by colleagues in relation to their role
  • Safely destroy personal information when the worker ceases to work for the organisation
  • Take disciplinary action where the Confidentiality Policy is not upheld (unless due to child protection concerns or a court order has been issued)


  • Parents/Guardians of young people attending our organisation can expect that the information they provide (e.g. medical information, contact information) will:
  • Be kept in a secure, confidential manner and only used for the purpose provided (i.e. to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the young person)
  • Enable the club to ensure that parents receive information from the club that is necessary e.g. newsletters, letters and emails regarding information about upcoming events, fundraising activities, and club activities.
  • Not be sold
  • Will not be shown to organisations without prior consent.